Upcoming Foster Event to Focus on the Rewards of Fostering Teens


Three of many teen boys that the Miller's have happily fostered.

Layne Miller is a known name in the community as a hardworking Price City Councilman. However, that is not all that Miller is known for. Miller and his wife have been fostering local youth for over 20 years. What makes the duo unique is that they specifically foster teenage boys, a feat that is rare in the world of foster care.

In the beginning, they simply wished to join the foster care world to take in a friend whose nephew was going to be in the system. There were not planning on continuing to foster children afterward. However, they noticed that boys who were put into foster care from the area had to be placed over the mountain, which complicates home visits, schooling and more. The Miller family could see that there was a real need, one that has not lessened.

“In general, there is such a need and it is so rewarding,” Miller stated.

Fostering has become such a staple in the Miller household that they have a daughter who adopted a teenager while his oldest child fostered and adopted twins.

Miller and Lead Foster-Adoptive Consultant Kobi Prettyman wished to stress the need for foster parents in the area for all ages. Currently, the Millers are the only foster parents in all of Carbon and Emery counties that welcome teenage boys. Prettyman stated that they have a harder time finding placements for them but are in need for homes for all in the system. Though it may seem as if qualifying to be a foster parent is difficult, Prettyman stated that the qualifications are simple.

Space in your home, the ability to pass a background check and a safety inspection of your home are all that is required. The rest is provided, such as training. The emotional aspect is often put into question as well, and both Miller and Prettyman reflect that knowing that the children and teens are being sent home to something better than they left, as well as the love provided while in a foster home, is worth it.

Those that are interested in learning more about foster care may attend a free foster parent event on Monday, Jan. 13 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Department of Workforce Services building in Price. The DCFS department is located in the downstairs area. Though the event is geared toward those that wish to foster teens, all are welcome as many of the questions and most information pertains to all fostering options.

Interested individuals may also visit utahfostercare.org and complete a form that will be emailed to Prettyman with contact information.

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