Update on Emery County Public Lands Bill


Emery County Commissioner James Nelson gave an update on the public lands bill at the Emery County Public Lands meeting Tuesday. The bill is still slowly moving forward.

House Bill 176 allows the county to prepare a report on its process and proposedВ legislationВ and allows it to draft aВ resolutionВ of support to send to the state legislature. Ray Petersen, Emery CountyВ Public Lands Administrator,В is working on writing this report.

The council is doing what they think needs to be done to meet requirements of HB 176.

“We’re still moving forward,” said Nelson. “We want people to know it is a grass roots effort of the people in this room.”

In order to have state legislators approve the land bill it must meet the requirements of HB 176.

“We do have the Governor’s support,” Nelson said. “My feelings [are] we have the Lieutenant Governor’s as well.”


  • Millsite State Park will host the National Guard for a week this summer for training. Although space is available, the Guard will not be landing helicopters at the park due to winds produced by the propellors and fuel that is dumped at landing. The park has never hosted an event like this before and will take place the first part of June.


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