Update On Scofield Algae: Price City Water Okay


Price City Press Release

Price City is actively addressing the Scofield Reservoir algae situation as it relates to drinking water. The water Price City provides for residents and businesses has been properly treated and tested for drinking, bathing, watering plants and other domestic uses. The Price City Culinary Water Supply is treated and all appropriate water safety measures are in place. Price City Culinary Water does not present a health hazard and no specific precautions are necessary at this time.

The State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is investigating reports of fish and waterfowl deaths at Scofield due to the algae. The Southeast Utah District Health Department has issued a caution for boating and a warning for swimming in the Madsen Bay area of Scofield.

For additional information or questions regarding Price City Water, please contact Miles Nelson, Price City Public Works Director, at (435) 637-5010. Information published regarding the Scofield algae by DEQ may be found by visiting the DEQ website at www.deq.utah.gov

If you do not receive water from Price City, you are advised to contact your provider of culinary or irrigation water to confirm the status and treatment/protection measures of that water source.

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