Update on Series of Business Burglaries in Price


The burglar from Tuesday’s night’s heist appears to have been busier than previously thought. A late report adds an additional site for police to investigate.

In addition to the previous sites of Tuesday’s burglaries, which included King Koal Theatre, China Buffet, and the UPS store, police have received another report from the El Salto restaurant on Price Main Street.

According to Price City Police Sgt. Bill Barnes, the break in appeared to have occurred within the same time frame by the same suspect as the other businesses in Price. The burglary at El Salto was discovered late Wednesday by the owners.

As with the other break-ins, El Salto received damage to the site. An attacked lock showed the sign of a forced entry into the restaurant. The only item stolen was an undisclosed amount of cash. Barnes says that the police currently suspect that the burglaries have been committed by a lone thief. An investigation continues at El Salto and the other Price businesses. Barnes said that the Price City Police Department is “actively investigating” and is “hopeful of being able to solve these crimes.”

Although no home burglaries have been reported, it is important to remember to lock all doors and remain alert to suspicious activity. Call the Price City Police Department to report any suspicious activity within business and residential areas.


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