*Updated* Price Police Make Arrest in Sagewood Neighborhood Shooting Incident


On July 29, police responded to an early morning report of shots fired in the Sagewood area of Price. At approximately 1:30 a.m. an undisclosed number of shotgun rounds were fired into two vehicles and a camper according to Price City Police. The shotgun blasts were heard by many nearby residents who responded quickly by reporting the incident to officials. 

Police scoured the neighborhood immediately gathering evidence and witness reports. According to Price City Police Captain, Bill Barnes, no one visually witnessed the incident but several people heard the shots and seen a man fleeing from the scene.

Evidence lead police to the arrest of Price resident Brett G. Hatch, 33. According to Barnes, Hatch was taken into custody at approximately 4:15 p.m. Monday afternoon and was booked into the Carbon County Jail. Charges include second degree felony, restricted person in possession of a firearm, third degree felony criminal mischief and other misdemeanor charges related to the early morning incident.

The police captain explained that the alleged motive was jealousy. “The guy was having a bad day, out walking around and decided to start firing,” Barnes explained. “It was just a random choice (by Hatch) to start shooting at the property. He was upset that the victim had a nicer house and vehicles than he does.”

Barnes explained that Hatch had no connection at all with the property owner, it was just a random act. “I am thrilled with the detective work,” stated Barnes. “They gathered lots of evidence at the scene and made a fast turn around leading to an arrest.”

According to the police captain, Hatch does have several previous convictions including possession of a firearm, however, none of these are felony charges. Barnes also explained that the city attorney is currently reviewing a case involving Hatch which involves trespassing.


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