Updates and Budget Approvals for Emery County


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commissioners were updated on the progress of the rehabilitation of Millsite Dam Tuesday afternoon. The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Division of Water Resources and Department of Natural Resources reported that project is in compliance and construction will continue during the holidays hoping to make up a two-week deficit. Tracy Behling, President of the Ferron Irrigation and Reservoir Company, commended the inspectors and contractors for their cooperation. He also reported receiving a signature on a contract with PacifiCorp for 40 years of water supply, with 10 of those years guaranteed.

The Cottonwood Creek Emergency Watershed Protection Project update was reported by Johansen and Tuttle Engineering. This included the Orangeville Wash, Mill Dam structures, XTO property, Adobe Wash and Reservoir, Orangeville Bridge and Castle Dale Flood plain protection. They also requested three change orders from the commissioners for the Huntington Canyon South Debris Basin, Adobe Wash Sediment basin and the Orangeville Flood Control Project. These change orders amount to over $100,000, but the commission was assured that they are still under the original budget.

Bronco Mine Operations represented by Seth McCourt and Daniel Smaldone reported on the progress and operations occurring at the mine three miles south of Emery. McCourt reports that their first day of operation was June 22, 2017 and they have hired 73 employees. They have also secured a contract for 100,000 tons of coal per year.

Weston Winn from Boyd’s Family Pharmacy requested the county’s sponsorship of a medication drop box at the pharmacy. He reported that the drop box would be secure and available for any unused drugs, whether purchased at the pharmacy or not. He has received new certification to handle this drop box. The commission granted his request.

Two public hearings were hosted during the meeting. The first one was opened for public comment on the amended 2017 budget, the 2018 budget, the amended CVSD 2017 budget as well as the CVSD 2018 budget. At the close of the hearing, the budgets were all approved.  The intergovernmental budget for 2018 is $2.3 million and the amended budget for 2017 was $2.5 million. The second hearing was to take public comment on the proposed amendments on Ordinance 11-3-8 for Solar Energy Systems other than small scale building mounted units. There were no public comments. Therefore, after the close of the hearing, the amendments were approved.

A previous resolution to withdraw from the Southeastern Utah Health Department (SEUHD) was rescinded and an memorandum of understanding modifying the interlocal agreement with the health district was approved. With this modification, Emery County will remain part of the SEUHD.

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