US-6 Construction Project Between Price and Helper to Continue Throughout the Summer


US-6 between Price and Helper has been under construction in both directions from milepost 232 to 239 since June. Only one lane of traffic has been allowed in both directions since the construction has begun.

This project is being conducted to rotomill the road and will be replaced with new pavement. Edge rut repairs will also be made during construction.

According to the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), a delay in the construction has arose due to the contractor’s plant that carries the special material needing to be re-constructed. Many local residents have assumed that the delay was due to a semi spilling oil on the highway near the Carbon County Club back in July. This incident did not cause a delay in the construction, according to UDOT.

Another possible delay that could affect the project is the closure of US-6 due to the Coal Hollow Fire. The contractor of the project is located in Benjamin. Therefore, delivery of the materials could be delayed. If this issue does arise, the project could lead into Labor Day.

For more information on this project and potential traffic impacts, please click here.

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