US Federal Court Issues Warrant on Price Resident After Assassination Threats Against President Trump


On Aug. 25 at approximately 11:20 p.m., William Scott Wheeler was pulled over near exit 240 in Price. The officer that performed the stop approached the driver’s side door and noticed that the rear-side window was down and that there were guns in the back seat.

According to Whitney Waterfall, Emergency Management Specialist at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, it was then discovered that Wheeler also had guns in the front seat and ammunition in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing. Reportedly, when asked if Wheeler was alright, he answered no and stated that he believed he would have traveled further before being arrested.

Wheeler explained that he had made several attempts to contact the Secret Service and suspected that his arrest was imminent. The detaining officer also noticed that Wheeler smelled strongly of alcohol and requested that he step out of the vehicle to complete a field sobriety test.

Upon testing and frisking, rifle ammo was discovered in Wheeler’s jacket. During the discussion, Wheeler made several references in regard to assassinating President Donald Trump, remarking if nobody else was going to do something, he would.

Wheeler was booked on DUI charges after failing the sobriety test. Wheeler has previous convictions out of Utah, Colorado and California for impaired driving and other incidents; he also was not supposed to be in possession of firearms. All were seized.

The US Federal Court issued a warrant on Wheeler, who has been arrested on that warrant as well. He is currently detained.

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