USDA Grant for Price River-Upper Watershed Project Progresses


Wednesday evening’s Price City Council meeting kicked off with council member Boyd Marsing sharing some thoughts on safety within the community. He was welcomed back to his seat on the council after serving for some time in the National Guard.

Marsing took time to remind everyone to “slow down and be safe” while driving, encouraging community members to watch for pedestrians, especially during the summer months. The rest of the council welcomed him back to his seat after his time away.

The next item on the agenda was the USDA notice of grant and agreement award for the Price River-Upper Watershed project. Russell Seeley approached the stand to speak about the project.

“It’s been a long time coming, since 2018,” Seeley said. He spoke about how excited he is to move forward in this project after trying to get it rolling for such a long time during his former tenure as the Price City Engineer.

Along with the funds the city had previously been given, there was an additional amount granted as well. This project is a $1.3 million environmental impact study for Price City. He said that the public will be encouraged to get involved in making the decisions for this project, and he wants them to know that their voices and comments will be heard.

“Are our needs being met?” Russell Seeley questioned when he began speaking about the quantity and quality of the city’s water. “Not just our drinking water either.” The Mayor added that this project is for everyone in the community, and that he is excited to see the project begin.

The following agenda item was tied to the one prior; the plan and environmental impact statement agreement was now on the table. The agreement was approved and the committee of the watershed project voted for Horrocks Engineers, Inc. to lead the undertaking. Council member Rick Davis then thanked everyone that has been involved in this project, saying that he is excited to see it progress.

Before the meeting came to a close, council member Terry Willis remarked how excited she is for the upcoming Price City bike pump park ribbon cutting. She invites everyone to support the event, which will take place at noon on Tuesday, July 28 at the pump park, which is adjacent to the Dino Mine.

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