USU-CEU Celebrates 75th Commencement


USU-CEU held its 75th commencement Saturday in the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center.

Gail Miller, wife of the late Larry H. Miller, was the commencement speaker.

“There is no question that life is about choices,” Miller said.  “Manage your choices and you will manage your life. It’s not enough to be good. Be good for something.”

Miller also received the inaugural Chancellors Medallion, an award representing dedicated service to the college, community and the cause of education.

“There are hills we must pedal and overcome; we may crash sometimes, but we are always able to get back up and keep riding,” said Co-Valedictorian Lance Deeter. “For us, the end of this trail is graduation.”

Austin Ashcraft received the Val J. Halamadaris Caring Award.

Co-Valedictorian Justin Stout, Student Association President Rachel Ryan, and Salutatorian Elcio Dutra also spoke at the commencement.

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