USU Eastern Announces Closing of Campus Store


Utah State University Eastern announced the closing of their campus store Monday evening through a mass email sent out to students, faculty and staff. The store provides students with textbooks, school supplies, spirit wear, snacks and much more.

The email stated that this has been a subject of topic for awhile now, but became official just last week. The decision was made based off of several different factors. One of these factors includes a declining revenue. This problem has had years in the making due to students buying books off online bookstores. Another factor included students buying supplies else where such as major chain stores. The email went on to explain that both Tooele and Uintah Basin campus bookstores closed their doors for the same reasons.

When the campus store officially closes it’s doors on May 31, 2018, students will have the option of sourcing all of their textbooks and supplies through the online campus store. All of the textbooks will be available on the website where all orders that exceed $100 are eligible for free shipping. According to the email, students will still receive their textbooks and supplies just as easy and quickly.

If a book is a rental through the store, it will be returned via prepaid postage. USU Eastern currently provides students with the opportunity to sell their textbooks back to the store. This will stay the same for the current year; both fall and spring semesters.

Several discussions regarding students being able to purchase items such as spirit apparel and on-campus snacks has been brought up. According to the mass email, a discussion of having a limited convenience store located in the student center has been discussed. Fan apparel and gear may be made available at the possible convience store, the BDAC, local retailers or a combination of all three.


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