USU Eastern Chamber Choir Conducts Patriotic Celebration


The USU Eastern chamber choir presented a patriotic tribute Wednesday night for fellow students, community members and veterans to enjoy. During the presentation, traditional American songs were performed and a brief history of their meaning and significance was explained by narrator Chris Palo.

The choir sang songs including “America The Beautiful,” Grant Us Thy Peace,”  “Deep River” and “The Star Spangled Banner.” Arthella Williams was also welcomed by the choir to perform the solo “Inscription of Hope.”

Members of the USU Eastern chamber choir include Roselynn Blake, William Chen, Shanae Chevalier, Samuel Czarnecki, Erika Haynes, Serena Key, Nicole McCandless, Kelsey McFarlane, Derek Quinton, Shelby Smith and Kaden Worwood. The choir was accompanied by Elise Tuttle and directed by Kay Fox.

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