USU Eastern Exceeds $30,000 in Total Donation to Food Bank


The $3,811.21 raised during the 2011 Bread ‘N Soup Night, increased USU Eastern’s thirteen year total donation to the Carbon County Food Bank to $32,344.80.

“With only three Bread ‘N Soup Nights scheduled [as opposed to the usual four], it was gratifying to be able to make such a healthy donation this year,” said Kathy Murray, Director of Eastern’s SUN Center, the volunteer organization which spearheads the project.  Over 600 people, including students, faculty, staff and community members, attended this year’s event.

Recognition and thanks are extended to USU Eastern’s Dining Service, under the direction of Becky Archibald, which once again volunteered both time and labor to make the food enjoyed each week. In particular, Tony Archibald must be commended for preparing all the food, in addition to trying to run a normal dinnertime for the students on campus.

Amanda Van Waggoner, a native of Mapleton, and sophomore SUN Center leader in charge of Bread ‘N Soup Nights, indicates that “it is an enormous undertaking for the dining service. No one really knows how much effort goes into their preparations each night. We couldn’t accomplish this without their generosity and skill.”

Thanks also go to the Kiwanis who donated the environmentally friendly bowls and plates. Their generosity allowed Bread ‘N Soup to not only go “green,” but to budget without concern for this expense.

123 volunteers logged over 355 hours of service for Bread ‘N Soup Night. This is a charity event that combines all the best qualities of service, joining community and campus to help those in need.

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