USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum to Raise Admission Fees


Cuts to the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum’s Operating Budget in 2010 and 2011 are finally being felt.

Rising costs for supplies and services are making it necessary to increase the admission fees.

“We tried to hold off increasing the fees as long as possible,” Marketing Director Christine Trease said. “Unfortunately, it is the only way we can continue to provide the community with new and exciting exhibits and events.”

Individual admission rates will increase one dollar, while family admission rate will increase by two dollars. The new prices take effect May 25.

Even with these increases, the Prehistoric Museum’s admission rates remain below the national average in the $10 to $20 range. An even better deal is the Prehistoric Museum’s family membership, which is $40.00 per year.

For further information about museum memberships, contact Claire Bennett at (435) 613-5755 or

The Prehistoric Museum is an accredited institution and a state and federal repository dedicated to protection of our past and education of the public about the past.

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