USU Eastern Reorganization Pits Students Against Administration


Recent events have put the Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah Administration at odds with the Eastern Utah Student Association and some members of the student body.

Friday’s announced restructuring of the USU Eastern Student Services Department drew the ire of many of the college’s students who work closely with the employees involved. Students were concerned by what they view as an unfair situation.

Sharp losses in enrollment caused the restructuring.

EUSA President Thomas Garvin reported that the group, along with some 60 students, met Monday night to discuss their reaction to the elimination of 18 employee jobs.

Though those employees have been encouraged to apply for any of 20 new jobs for which they may be qualified, according to a press release from the institution, reports indicate a number of affected employees may leave the institution.

Garvin said students and student association members crafted a letter regarding their disapproval of the situation at Monday’s meeting. Students sent the letter to the administration and requested a response by Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.  That letter and its contents have not been released.

Garvin said the group chose to “work internally first” hoping to get some response from the college’s administration.

The group will meet again Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. The group will make a public statement after the meeting, which will only be open to students.

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