USU Eastern Reorganizes Student Services Office


Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah announced Friday the restructuring of the Student Services Department to bolster emphasis on enrollment management.

USU Eastern, which experienced a student decline this fall, hired a nationally recognized enrollment management company to evaluate enrollment management practices.

Consultants visited the Price and Blanding campuses in October and reviewed methods and practices currently being used in enrollment efforts.В  As a result of the study, Chancellor Joe Peterson met with Student Service personnel Friday afternoon and announced a reorganization plan.

The plan calls for both a restructuring and additional emphasis on enrollment and retention throughout student services and across campus. To help meet these needs, Chancellor Peterson determined crucial changes needed to be made at the organization level, including the restructuring of student services on the Price Campus. As a result, 18 employees were given notice of a reduction in force, which included their positions effective November 30, 2011.В  These employees were also informed that 20 new positions would be posted on the Utah State University job website.В  These positions would only be advertised on campus and for only one week.

Each employee was encouraged to apply for any job for which they were qualified.В  These new positions include jobs similar to the 18 positions eliminated. Each of the new jobs also includes responsibilities related to increasing enrollment, retention and completion of degrees.

Peterson said it was necessary to start from the ground up since the newly emerging office will operate under a new model, and in some cases, will require new skill sets necessary for continued success.

“This has been a most difficult decision,” Peterson said. “I know this is disrupting lives and families for which I am truly sorry. But ultimately this needs to be done for the greater good of the College. It is a necessary course adjustment that will help us keep on track in terms of future enrollment growth. We exist in a highly competitive market and we must be willing to make hard choices, when necessary, to remain equally competitive.”

Three new jobs were also announced, Director of Student Life, Leadership and Involvement, Director of Student Success and Director of Enrollment Services.В  These jobs will also be advertised on campus.

Employees not retained will be eligible for early retirement, retirement or a severance package according to Utah State University policy.

The restructured Student Services Department will report to Dr. Alex Herzog, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services and will develop a new enrollment management plan.

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