USU Eastern Rodeo To Compete In The College National Finals Rodeo



Oaklee Giles and Saydee Davis, standout barrel-racing athletes from Utah State University Eastern, are set to compete in the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper, Wyoming. The CNFR, the pinnacle of college rodeo, draws the best athletes nationwide to compete for national titles. Oaklee, a freshman, secured the Reserve Region Champion title and was named Rookie Of The Year for the Rocky Mountain Region, while Saydee, a seasoned competitor, finished third in the same region.

Oaklee’s journey to the top was marked by consistent performances as a fierce contender. Her horse, a reliable partner, has been crucial in their seamless runs. Saydee aims to deliver consistent performances with her horse, showcasing their shared competitive spirit and readiness for the challenging CNFR course.

As they prepare for their runs, Oaklee and Saydee reflect on their hard work and dedication.  Their bond as teammates pushes them to perform at their best, with the support of their USU Eastern coach, Brady Ramone, as well as the entire rodeo community and fans boosting their morale.

For the two, competing at the CNFR is not just about winning but representing USU Eastern, their region, and the spirit of rodeo.  The action begins on Sunday, June 9 and the entire CNFR schedule can be found at

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