USU Eastern Soccer Team Kicks Off First Ever Season


The first ever season for women’s and men’s soccer at USU Eastern kicked off even before the start of the school year.

The women welcomed the season and secured their first win of the year against Boise State on Friday. They finished with a 2-0 win. The same day, the men secured a 4-1 finish over Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC).

On Saturday, it was the women’s turn to battle Treasure Valley Community College. The team tied 0-0. The men didn’t have as much luck that day, falling 1-0 to TVCC.

Assistant coach Jared Woodhouse is confident about the direction the team is taking despite having only conducted a handful of practices. As of Tuesday, the team had only took to the field for practice six times.

“They definitely need to work on some creativity in the offense,” Woodhouse said. The team will look to improve that aspect of play before traveling to Wyoming this weekend for division play.

The men and women will both take on Dixie State College this week for a scrimmage. The women will then look for a win on Thursday against Larmie County Community College. Both teams will travel to Sheridan Community College on Friday.

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