USU Eastern Talent Gets Knights Excited to Read


Students at Castle Heights enjoyed a special performance Friday afternoon. Utah State University Eastern’s drum line, dance team and cheerleaders stopped by for a chance to display their talent as part of the Knights’ read before bed program.

“I think the kids absolutely enjoy these assemblies,” said Rachel Staley, PTA President. “I think that this will be something that the kids will talk about for a while now and I think they had fun watching the dancers and the drum line and being able to engage with them also.”

Emmett the Eagle also stopped by and was able to engage with the Knights. The eagle took on a search for the most energetic student at Castle Heights, which was deemed to be Maizey Leautaud.

The cheerleaders and drum line combined efforts to teach the kids a dance that, at future USUE games, they will perform again with the team.

Ben Jones, the major of the USUE drum line, is in his first year heading the group. Brandi Johansen is the sprit squad director and is in charge of the cheerleaders, dance team, drum line and mascot. The cheerleaders are coached by Kelley Bosone.

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