USU Eastern Will Add Men’s and Women’s Soccer for 2013-14 Season


USU Eastern’s Athletic Director Dave Paur confirmed that the school will be adding two new sport teams to the athletic department. Both men’s and women’s soccer will begin next fall in time for the 2013-14 season.

The addition of the sport will require the college to renovate the field behind the BDAC. Right now the field is long enough, but is way too narrow. Following the Carbon High girl’s soccer season, the college plans to completely tear up the field, add dirt, regrade and re-sod it.

Paur admits the field will still be a little narrow. A regulation soccer field is 240 feet wide. The improved field will only be 220 feet, but most junior college fields are around 220 feet, so it will suffice.

The athletic director says that this will become the best soccer field in the junior college ranks. It will also be close to restrooms, locker rooms and will have nice bleachers for fans to watch games from.

USU Eastern will begin the hiring process for a head coach this December. The hired coach will be over both teams. The men and women will play games on the same day.  Paur also explained that there will also be a position for an assistant coach.

“There may be some who aren’t happy with coaching both teams,” explained Paur. “But head coaching positions in college are hard to come by so there will be plenty willing to take on this task.”

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