USU Eastern’s Prehistoric Museum Director of Public Relations Retires


The USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum of Price is a staple of the community and a great attraction for tourists.

Much of the success of the museum is due to the advertising and press releases that are presented to the public to make aware the great things available for all to enjoy.

For the past twelve years, Carbon County resident Christine Trease has tirelessly promoted the museum as director of public relations. She has also managed the gift shop of the museum. Trease retired from her positions at the museum due to medical reasons on Friday.

Trease started at the museum as a part-time gift shop manager. She left for a brief period of time until she received news that the museum was looking for a person with the skills for a do-it-all kind of PR and marketing position. Trease applied and was given the job that eventually evolved into a full-time responsibility when the museum decided to give Trease the added position of managing the gift shop.

Trease managed the museum’s website and did all of the digital designs in-house. She also handled press releases and marketing on top of managing the gift shop.

According to Trease, there was not a best part of working at the museum, because all of it was great.

“Being the marketer for the museum was probably the easiest part because the museum promotes itself,” Trease said.

Trease wanted to stress what a great attraction the museum is, being one of five credited museums in the state. The museum is currently undergoing some changes that are under the direction of Dr. Ken Carpenter. Carpenter is making additions and revamping exhibits for an even better experience than before.

According to Trease, managing the museum’s gift shop was also a pleasure. Selecting new items for the gift shop and keeping it relevant and fresh has been, she admitted, challenging at times. However, it was rewarding. Trease was pleased to have tourists inform her that the gift shop is one of the best that they have seen on their travels.

Proud of her work and the museum in general, Trease wanted to let the public know that gift shop sales are also a great way to support the museum. During a visit, it is a great idea to stop at the gift shop and see the ever-changing items.

Membership is another way to support the museum. A membership is only $40 for a year for a family, which entitles members to all the perks; day trips to the museum, members-only dinners that happen each year and gallery openings that are members-only events. More is constantly added to the membership.

“The value is great. It is a great way to support the museum and get so much in return,” Trease said. “I want people out of the area to know we’re not just a bathroom stop on the way to Moab. We have a fabulous museum, fabulous area and need to make ourselves a destination rather than a pass through.”

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