USU Extension Receives Grants to Assist in 2018 Projects


The local USU Extension office has recently received two grants that will assist in upcoming projects for the 2018 year. The first grant received will assist in the Caregivers of Alzheimer or Dementia patients study. This study is slated to begin in January.

The study will take place online and will last approximately six weeks. Two classes will take place each week and will study the caregivers; not the dementia or Alzheimer patients. Once the study has reached the end, those that have participated will each receive $50 for their participation.

The second grant that the extension office recently received is the Culture of Health grant. The extension office is creating a coalition that focuses on issues in the community and the ways that they can be addressed.

This grant is a Robert Wood Johnson grant and is through the 4-H program. This particular program will consist of youth and adults alike. There is a current search for a program coordinator. For more information on each of these grants and ways to participate, contact Christine Jensen at (435) 381-3539.

Information on the coordinator position may also be viewed online at Once there, search for the job listing under Culture of Health Coordinator.

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