USU Logan Architecture Students Descend on Helper City


On Wednesday afternoon, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman welcomed Utah State University (USU) Professor Dave Evans and the USU Logan architecture students to the city. The group first converged at the Helper Civic Auditorium before moving on to Gallery Untitled on Main Street for a discussion opportunity.

The students and professor are undertaking a Helper City study to develop a master design plan for the city to then execute. Twenty five of the university’s students were in attendance for the day to learn about the city, wishes for the future and more to then take back to Logan in order to develop a scope of services as well as an associated design plan.

“I am excited that you guys are going to deliver top-notch work,” Mayor Peterman stated.

She also expressed that she hoped the students were as excited as the city and that the city is open to anything that they look at and see opportunity for change and additions. She also informed the students and professor that the city was awarded $11,000 recently for beautification purposes and they are fortunate to have starting funds.

Ideas, options and needs for the city were discussed. Mayor Peterman agreed wholeheartedly when the lack of lodging was presented. She remarked that there are a large number of Airbnbs in the area and she does not wish for a large hotel due to the importance of Helper’s historic architecture. The group also discussed the highway cutting Helper in half and wishing to grow on both sides.

Mayor Peterman also highlighted the Main Street Park and her wish to work with the stage front and the necessity of shading.

“Helper City is excited about building a strategic partnership with USU’s architecture program and leveraging a fresh view of our city. Our objective is to develop a master design plan that can be executed at a project specific level. We appreciate the time and talent the staff and students are ‘gifting’ the Helper community in helping us achieve sustainability,” Mayor Peterman said.

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