USU Presents the 2022 Celebrating Women Conference


Utah State University (USU) Extension presents the 2022 Celebrating Women Conference. This recently-announced conference will be a virtual event that was created with the purpose of increasing the understanding of health, wellness and empowerment of women.

Those that attend will increase their knowledge of health and wellness in order to thrive. This live, virtual event is slated for Sept. 10 and recordings of all of the live workshops will be available to attendees following the event.

USU promises that they have arranged the best speakers and experts for this conference. This includes Deborah Dilley, Leah Kern, Cindy Jenkins and Emilee Henriquez. They will be covering topics ranging from positivity, stigmas with food and dieting, positive body image, women empowerment and much more.

The keynote speaker is Lindsay White, who is a mother to three and the founder of the Little Milk Bar. This is a community and e-commerce brand that empowers breastfeeding mothers. White began the brand following her mother requesting that she feed her son in the bathroom while at a wedding. White was recognized by Forbes 2021 Next 1,000 list as one of the next 1,000 entrepreneurs to keep an eye on.

Registration is open now for this event, which contains multiple online workshops that are designed to help attendees dive deeper into the many dimensions of wellness. Early bird tickets are only $8 and will be available through Sept. 5

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