USU Eastern Students Receive Awards for Fine Art


Best Of Show "Unseen" Jacquelyn Tagg

On Thursday, students participating in the 2015 art show at USU Eastern received awards for outstanding art. The show was judged by several local art experts including Professor Noel Carmack.

“I am really pleased with the submissions this year,” Carmack said. “It has be a great show, the last one in this building.”

The student activity center will be demolished this summer, and the gallery will be moved into the new building.

All of the submissions this year were two-dimensional art. In downturn of the economy in 2010, the university lost several of its programs in art. Next year, the show will have three-dimensional art as well as photography, since those programs will be brought back in the fall.

The results of the show are: Best of Show, Jacquelyn Tagg, “Unseen” Graphite Drawing; first place, Bonnie Blackburn, “Our World” Watercolor; second, Gentry Guymon, “Green Pillowcase” Charcoal/Chalk Drawing; third, Gentry Guymon, “Vintage Speed Bag” Charcoal; Honorable mentions: Chia Ka Kin, “New York Youth Symphony” Illustration/Graphic Design; Ashley Moss, “Night Sky” Watercolor; McKahl Johnson, “I Love You” Mixed Media; Lisa Johnson, “Desert Nightscape” Watercolor; Josephine Slade, “I Love You” Computer/Graphic Design.

The winners of the show were awarded gift cards to the university bookstore in amounts ranging from $50-150. This year’s art show was open to any student at USU Eastern.

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