USUE Dance Team Shows Off Their Moves *Photo Gallery*


USU Eastern dance team members performed a number of their routines at a showcase on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Throughout the performances, each dance correlated with a picture that was displayed on the walls of the auditorium. The young women on the dance team learned nearly 50 routines this year, varying from halftime performances to cheers to other dances. While they did not perform each number throughout the weekend, they were able to showcase a wide variety of what they have learned this academic year.

Many styles of dances were performed by the Eagles. They had hip-hop routines, a ballet and pointe dance, and many more. The team won the national championship this year with their hip-hop routine.

There were also special guests throughout the weekend as alumni dancers that had previously danced on the USUE team in past years performed during the show.

Throughout the evenings of dancing, there were also video clips showing interviews with the young women on the team. Some of them were asking who wasn’t a morning person, who they looked up to the most and more. The dancers also spoke about how much they love and appreciate their coach Brandi Johansen, and that they had learned a lot from her and their fellow dancers.

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