Utah Author Teams Up With American Red Cross to Combat COVID-19


While the world fights to combat the spread of COVID-19, blood drives are being hosted throughout the state by the American Red Cross. Donors are greatly needed for this cause, and budding author C.F. Kreitzer has teamed up with American Red Cross to call for those that have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma in order to inject it into those that are still suffering from the virus.

This is particularly pertinent to Kreitzer, as her debut dystopian novel “Blood Numbers” closely follows a similar pandemic. In this novel, published by Immortal Works Press in Salt Lake City, a near-future society was created in which individuals are quarantined based on their health and those with the needed antibodies are kept on one side of the wall, where they are forced to become donors. Their blood, transfused into the sick, is the lone cure.

“Although many questioned my made up virus when I first wrote it, many are quickly seeing first-hand evidence of the effects such a virus can have,” Kreitzer stated.

Kreitzer’s idea for “Blood Numbers” stemmed from the rare blood disorder she has. This disorder prevents her from ever donating blood or plasma. Due to this, being able to host blood drives allows her to give back to the community in a way that she has never been able to before. To Kreizter, the fact that there is an increased need for donations as blood banks supplies dwindle and needs rise, coinciding with the release of her book about donors is more than ironic; it’s providence.

“With the drives, I hope to have an impact on the community and through my books bring awareness to the need for donors,” Kreitzer concluded.

Those that are interested in donating may click here for donation opportunities. For more information on “Blood Numbers” as well the opportunity to connect with the author and purchase the novel, please click here.

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