Utah Cinderella Organization to Host Pageant in Castle Dale


The Utah Cinderella Organization will be hosting a pageant in Castle Dale on January 20.

Hosted at Emery High School, there will be eight divisions for girls ages 0-29. Up to four titles/crowns will be awarded per division. Ages 0-2 will participate in photogenic, casual wear and party wear modeling. Ages 3-29 will participate in photogenic, interview, casual wear and party wear modeling. Ages 3-6 will also participate in an on stage interview while ages 7-29 will participate in talent.

“Cinderella is a natural, non-glitz, development program in a pageant setting,” event organizers shared. “We are looking for [real kids, in real clothes] and set ourselves apart in the pageant world for the sportsmanship and camaraderie we teach our participants. In our program, it’s not about winning the crown, but the life lessons and friendships you take with you after the competition is over.”

Entry information is available on the website at www.utahcinderella.com/emery. Registration is now open and entry fees are $50 per contestant and $35 for scorecard participants.

For more information, please contact Sharon by phone/text at (435) 979-6640 or by email at utahcinderella@sisna.com.

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