Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Issues Warning About Fraudulent Sanitizer and Disinfectant Claims Against Coronavirus


Press Release

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF), which provides regulatory oversight of all disinfectants and sanitizers other than hand sanitizer and wipes, would like to issue a warning to consumers to beware of claims related to the use of sanitizers and disinfectants against COVID-19.

With the increased use of sanitizers and disinfectants in the months following the emergence of COVID-19, UDAF inspectors have found numerous improperly labeled or repackaged sanitizers, the improper use of sanitizers and a number of fraudulent claims, particularly those advertising effectiveness against coronavirus and long residuals.

“The fact is, painfully few disinfectants will last beyond the time they’re wet,” said UDAF Pesticide Program Manager Henry Nahalewski.

UDAF personnel are conducting outreach visits to assist companies with compliance as well as educational outreach to institutions and businesses using these products, such as long-term care facilities, schools, etc., to ensure application instructions are being properly followed. As always, proper use is of critical importance, particularly the compliance of a product’s “wet time.” Many products require a wet time of up to 10 minutes and will not be effective if wiped away sooner.

Before purchasing a sanitizing or disinfecting product, consumers should look for EPA certification by locating the “EPA Registration Number” often found on the back of a product’s label near the manufacturer’s address, and for presence on the EPA’s List N to select disinfectants proven effective against coronavirus.

UDAF is here to help. We encourage institutions and businesses who would like guidance on these products to please contact the UDAF Pesticide Program at (801) 982-2300 or email UDAF-pesticide@utah.gov to be put in touch with a local compliance specialist. For more information, including a list helpful links, visit: https://ag.utah.gov/disinfectants/

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