Utah Division of Wildlife Resources southeastern region fishing report – Aug. 5


BENCHES POND: (August 05) On July 26, fishing was fair with plenty of angling pressure. Those who kept their bait above the moss with a bubble caught a lot more fish than those who didn’t.

BLUE LAKE: (July 29) Richard Berg reported good fishing for tiger trout. Using wooly buggers, Berg caught three 14 inch tigers in one hour. Aquatics Biologist, Calvin Black had good luck with a mosquito pattern. Last weekend, Derrick Keisel reported catching a three to four pound, eight inch tiger trout using worms.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (August 05) Last week, fishing was good with all kinds of baits. Cutthroats and rainbows ranged from 10 to 12 inches.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (August 05) Fishing is good. Bait casters, please cut lines rather than removing a hook from fish that are deeply hooked and released.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (August 05) Biologist Black suggests fishing in the early morning in deeper water. Silver Jakes or PowerBait have been working well.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (August 05) On July 31, Tom Ogden fished from a float tube for over three hours. In that time, he caught 24 tigers and 32 cutthroat trout. Fish ranged from 12 to 18 inches with most in the 12 to 14 inch size bracket. Ogden used fast-sinking line with size four to eight woolly bugger and leech patterns. Most fish were found in 12 to 22 feet of water. Shoreline anglers didn’t do very well throwing lures. Lt. J. Shirley recommends fly fishing with mosquito and renegade patterns.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (August 05) On July 26, conservation officers reported good fishing using PowerBait. Shirley suggests using a bubble and leader to keep bait out of the moss.

EMERALD LAKE: (July 29) Derrick Keisel reported good fishing. He and his father caught four or five rainbow trout using either a Panther Martin spinner or a worm.

FAIRVIEW LAKES: (July 19) Safety work on the dam will require that the lakes be almost completely drained. Because of the work, the limit on trout has been doubled to allow anglers to take advantage of the remaining trout. The eight trout limit will stay in effect until January 2014.

FERRON CREEK: (July 29) Mark Matheson reported good fishing.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (August 05) A week ago, Kathy Wilde and her husband fished with live bait (grasshoppers and dragonflies). She said they had strikes with every cast. Most fish ranged from eight to 12 inches.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (August 05) The best fishing occurs in the early morning or late evening. Recommended patterns include mosquito, black gnat, double renegade and woolly bugger.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (August 05) Fishing was slow last week. When conservation officers checked the water on July 26, the best-performing bait was green or rainbow PowerBait.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (July 19) On July 12, Ogden and Perry Bunderson fly fished from a tube. In three hours, they caught seven bluegill, two bass and one rainbow trout. They used fast sinking line with bead head olive leeches in sizes four to six or a leprechaun in size six. The fish were in 18 to 22 feet of water.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (August 05) On August 1, Ogden caught 19 tiger trout ranging from 12 to 17 inches. He fished for six hours from a float tube using fly fishing tackle. Ogden used fast-sinking line and size four woolly buggers. Most fish were hooked in 18 to 25 feet of water.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (July 29) Three anglers reported slow fishing last week.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (August 05) Because of a drop in the water level, the boat ramp is closed.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (August 05) The bite will be best at dawn or dusk. Try fishing in deeper water.

POTTERS PONDS: (July 19) Fishing is fair. Try fishing with a worm below a bobber.

PRICE RIVER: (August 05) Aquatics Biologist Black recommends grasshoppers, hopper patterns or streamers in gray or white.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (August 05) Last week, biologist Black experienced good fishing. He fished at first light from the shoreline with a white grub tipped with chub meat.

WILLOW LAKE: (August 05) Lt. J. Shirley reported good fishing on July 24. PowerBait was the bait of choice, and rainbow and orange were the best colors. Anglers were catching rainbows, tigers and cutthroats.

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