Utah Division of Wildlife Resources southeastern region fishing report – June 10


ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (June 07) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway reports fair to good fishing in San Juan County. Shumway says that the bite in Blanding number three is a little better than number four. Trout at Monticello and Foy are becoming more active. At those waters, anglers are having success with PowerBait, worms, marshmallows and spinners. Fly fishermen at Foy have also been doing well. The water level at Recapture Reservoir continues to drop. More and more underwater structures are being exposed, allowing pike anglers to utilize them to their advantage; some nice fish are biting. Largemouth bass are biting, too.

ACADEMY MILL RESERVOIR: (May 24) You can only access the reservoir with a snow machine.

BENCHES POND: (May 31) Fishing was reported as fair to good over the Memorial Day weekend. Anglers who fished from the dam had the best success. We recommend using nightcrawlers and salmon eggs.

BLUE LAKE: (May 24) There is still snow on the road, which is blocking access.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (June 07) The pond was stocked on May 29 and fishing is good.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (June 07) Chartreuse sparkle PowerBait has worked the best this week. The best fishing is expected to occur earlier in the morning.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (June 07) On June 3, the reservoir was stocked with 2,500 nine-inch rainbow trout. The influx of new fish should improve fishing success, which has already been good. Worms have been the bait of choice.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (June 07) Access is open and good fishing has been reported. Try using a silver Panther Martin.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (June 07) Tyrell Mills reports good fishing in the early morning near the boat ramp using a gold Jakes Spin-a-Lure. The best baits are chub meat or dead minnows.

FAIRVIEW LAKES: (June 07) This past week, Fairview lakes were stocked with 7,000 nine-inch rainbows. Fishing should be good.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (May 31) The U.S. Forest Service access road remains closed to traffic.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (June 07) The best baits have been worms and chartreuse sparkle PowerBait. A mosquito pattern is effective for fly fishermen.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (May 31) The access road just opened and stocking will occur shortly. Over the weekend, fishing for carry-over fish was slow. Gooseberry Reservoir tributaries are closed to fishing until the second Saturday in July.

GRASSY LAKE: (May 31) This lake is now accessible and ice free. The lake was stocked just before Memorial Day and the catch rate was good.

HUNTINGTON CREEK: (May 31) The creek has been devoid of fish since the Seeley fire. Restocking will not occur this year.

HUNTINGTON GAME FARM POND: (June 07) On May 2, the pond was stocked with 500 12-inch rainbows. Fishing should be good.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (June 07) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen suggests fishing early in the morning to avoid the disturbance from other water recreationalists. On May 30, Tom Ogden fly fished from a tube for over four hours. He caught 10 rainbows with fast sinking line and size four woolly buggers or leeches. All fish were caught in 15-25 feet of water. Trout ranged from 17-19 inches.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (May 31) This water, also known as Mammoth, has opened and may be fished from shore or a small boat. One party of anglers reported good fishing using nightcrawlers fished off the bottom.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (May 24) On May 18, Justin Hart fished with his sons from the west shoreline. Fishing was slow until they moved into Seeley Cove and fished near the mud line. They caught numerous splake, up to 20 inches, in the cove. Hart fished using whole three to five inch chubs on minnow hooks with no weight. They didn’t catch big fish, but they couldn’t keep the small splake off their hooks. Hart said his bait was struck on almost every cast, and it rarely had a chance to settle to the bottom.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (June 07) Spring stocking of mountain lakes has occurred and Sergeant Ben Wolford reports good fishing at Hidden, Dons and Oowah reservoirs. PowerBait has been the most popular bait for mountain lakes. Most trout range from 12-15 inches. The Rattlesnake ponds have been recently stocked and fishing is good. The water at Kens Lake continues to drop. There is an active emergency change that allows anglers to keep eight rainbow trout. The daily bag was raised to reduce possible waste. The best baits at Kens are worms and marshmallows.

LOWER FISH CREEK: (May 31) Bill Peters reported fishing three miles above the DOT shed last Sunday. In an hour’s time, he caught three fish. They included a two-pound brown trout, an 18-inch brown trout and a two-pound cutthroat. He used a number four Panther Martin in a rainbow pattern.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (June 07) The road from Cleveland Reservoir and Miller Flat Reservoir is open, but the reservoir hasn’t been stocked yet.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (May 24) Weeks of good fishing are tapering off. Try using traditional baits—like nightcrawlers, salmon eggs and PowerBait.

PETES HOLE: (June 07) Stocking occurred just before the Memorial Day holiday. Fishing was excellent at that time.

POTTERS PONDS: (June 07) The road is now accessible. The ponds have been stocked with 900 10-inch rainbow trout.

RIGHT FORK OF HUNTINGTON CREEK: (May 31) The creek has been devoid of fish since the Seeley Fire. Stocking will not occur this year.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (June 07) According to a conservation officer, fishing has been slow. Insect hatches are providing trout with an ample food supply. The best bait continues to be chub meat. Chubs can be caught with a piece of worm from shore. The best lures have been a Jakes or Kastmaster. Fishing success will be better in the early morning. Try moving around the lake, if one location proves unproductive. Please remember that fishing in tributaries is prohibited until the second weekend in July. See the Utah Fishing Guidebook for Scofield’s special regulations.

SOUP BOWL: (June 07) Fishing is hot using traditional baits.

WILLOW LAKE: (May 31) The access road is now open. Stocking will occur shortly.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (May 31) Two anglers reported catching and releasing 100 fish during a two-day fishing frenzy last weekend. They used nightcrawlers, PowerBait and marshmallows.

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