Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Southeastern Region Fishing Report – May 24


ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (May 24) Trout fishing is good at Blanding three and four with traditional baits. Blanding three was stocked in early April. Blanding four has been stocked twice this spring and was stocked last on May 21. Almost 4,000 trout have been stocked this year. On May 7, Dry Wash was stocked with 1,500 10-inch rainbow trout. Pike have become active at Recapture Reservoir. Try fishing with crankbaits in and around shoreline weeds. Monticello and Foy offer good fishing. Both were stocked in late April with 1,000 10-inch rainbow trout each.

ACADEMY MILL RESERVOIR: (May 24) You can only access the reservoir with a snow machine.

BENCHES POND: (May 24) The pond recently thawed and has been stocked with fish prior to Memorial Day. Expect excellent fishing.

BLUE LAKE: (May 24) There is still snow on the road, which is blocking access.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (May 24) The reservoir is ice-free, but access is still muddy. The mud has prevented the hatchery truck from stocking the pond. Until the road dries out, visit nearby Bench’s Pond for better fishing.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (May 24) The pond was stocked with 1,000 12-inch rainbow trout on April 29. Fishing has been good since then. Free fishing day is June 8. The Division of Wildlife Resources and Carbon County Recreation will host a family fishing event from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. Carbon County Recreation will provide hot dogs and soda and DWR will have an ample supply of rods, reels and bait for public use. Division personnel will also offer instruction for children and beginning anglers.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (May 24) The reservoir is open and shoreline fishing is good using traditional baits.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (May 24) The road to the reservoir is gated and locked. You won’t be able to access the reservoir until the road dries up. The reservoir is still under ice too.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (May 24) Fishing is good. Try using chub meat and redside shiners. Some anglers recommend fishing off the bottom, while others have done well fishing from a bubble. 28,000 3-inch kokanee salmon were stocked on May 14.

FAIRVIEW LAKES: (May 24) Both of the lakes are ice-free. We don’t have any recent reports about road access, but some years snow drifts and mud can impede access until early June. The lake won’t be stocked until the hatchery truck driver is confident about the trip.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (May 24) The access road is blocked by a locked gate. The U.S. Forest Service controls access to minimize road damage. Ferron Reservoir is still under ice.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (May 24) The pond was stocked on April 29 with 1,000 10-inch rainbow trout. Fishing can be excellent with bait or lures. Experimentation is the key to success. If the fish aren’t biting, switch baits and lures until you find a winner. Start out with the tried-and-true nightcrawler and branch off from there.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (May 24) The road to the reservoir is open, but we haven’t received any fishing reports. There should be carry-over trout out there, but it may be a week or so before the reservoir is stocked.

GRASSY LAKE: (May 24) The road to Grassy Lake is still closed because of mud and snow drifts.

HUNTINGTON CREEK: (May 24) All of the fish were killed by the Seeley Fire, and they won’t be restocked this year.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (May 24) On May 20, Tom Ogden and Perry Bunderson flyfished from kick boats for most of the day. Between them, they caught 18 rainbow trout and a single wiper. That wiper was 17.5 inches long and weighed three pounds. Rainbows ranged from 16 to 19 inches. Ogden used a fast sinking line and a size four bead head olive leech.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (May 24) The ice has receded from the shoreline in most places. Bank anglers can now cast a considerable distance from the shore. Although we haven’t received any reports, fishing should be good. Try using nightcrawlers or chub meat and fishing with neutral buoyancy.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (May 24) On May 18, Justin Hart fished with his sons from the west shoreline. Fishing was slow until they moved into Seeley Cove and fished near the mud line. They caught numerous splake, up to 20 inches in the cove. Hart fished using whole three to five inch chubs on minnow hooks with no weight. They didn’t catch big fish, but they couldn’t keep the small splake off their hooks. Hart said his bait was struck on almost every cast, and it rarely had a chance to settle to the bottom.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (May 24) The water level at Kens Lake is very low. There is an active emergency change that allows anglers to keep eight rainbow trout. Kens Lake will not be stocked this year because of the draw down of the lake. Hidden and Dons lakes have both been stocked with more than 800 10 inch rainbow trout each. Oowah and Warner Lake were stocked on May 21 with a load of eight inch rainbow trout.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (May 24) The road from Cleveland Reservoir and Joes Miller Flat Reservoir is open, but the reservoir hasn’t been stocked yet.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (May 24) Weeks of good fishing are tapering off. Try using traditional baits such as nightcrawlers, salmon eggs and PowerBait.

PETES HOLE: (May 24) Ice and snow are blocking access to Petes Hole. Spring stocking won’t occur until the snow melts and the road dries.

POTTERS PONDS: (May 24) The U.S. Forest Service gate to Potters Ponds is locked but will open soon.

RIGHT FORK OF HUNTINGTON CREEK: (May 24) The Seeley Fire killed all of the fish in the creek, and it won’t be restocked this year.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (May 24) The reservoir was stocked earlier in the month with two truckloads of eight inch cutthroat trout. Last week’s gillnetting revealed a number large cutthroat and tiger trout. Fisheries Biologist Calvin Black said that the annual trend survey found good numbers of cutthroat and tiger trout. The two largest fish were a 29 inch, eight and a half pound tiger trout and a 24.5 inch, six pound cutthroat trout. Eighteen to 22 inch cutthroat trout were abundant, along with numerous 10 to 15 inch trout. Shore anglers have had great luck this spring catching large tiger trout. Anglers have caught a number of 24 to 28 inch tiger trout using chub meat. Fishing should improve in the next few weeks with warmer weather.

Fishing has been sporadic however. Try using a variety of baits, lures and locations until the right combination is found. Fish in the early morning for best results. Fishing my be slower over the holiday weekend because of the increased water sports and boat activity.

SOUP BOWL: (May 24) The access road is blocked by ice, snow and drifts. Soup Bowl won’t be stocked until the snow melts and the road dries.

WILLOW LAKE: (May 24) The lake is still iced over and the U.S. Forest Service gate is locked and won’t open for at least a week.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (May 24) Bait fishing is good.

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