Utah is 2023’s 3rd Best State for Jobs


A financial writer for WalletHub recently released a study regarding the best and worst states for jobs in 2023. In this study, it was stated that job hunting is a tedious task when considering updating resumes, contact references, interview preparation and more.

Currently, the United States labor market has remained steady and added 150,000 jobs in October of this year. While one of the largest parts of job hunting is location, the personal finance website worked to assist those on the hunt for their dream position in a location that is desirable.

“To determine the most attractive states for employment, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 34 key indicators of job-market strength and economic health,” the study shared. “Our data set ranges from employment growth to the median annual income to the average commute time.”

While the very best state to find a job was determined to be Washington, followed closely by Virginia, the state of Utah came in third place with a total score of 64.53. Though Utah came in third, the state has an advantage over the top two states with an unemployment rate that is significantly below the national average.

Another positive factor is that when a Utahn is unemployed, it does not last long. Only 0.6% of the labor force has been unemployed for 15 weeks or longer, which is the fourth-lowest percentage in the nation.

Furthering the study, it showed that Utah had the second highest median annual income while also boasting the shortest time spent working.

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