Utah Jazz Player Derrick Favors Visits Price


Utah Jazz player, Derrick Favors visited Price on Tuesday afternoon to do someВ exercises, sign autographs and take pictures with children from the community.

Frank Ori of Carbon Rec introduced him. “We would like to thank him for being here today,” said Ori.

Favors manager said, “We are excited to be here today. It’s our 5th stop out of 13. We have been to Altamont and Duchesne. I told him we would bring him to a big city this time, so I brought him to Price.”

Favors is 6′ 10″, has a size 16 shoe and weighs 250 pounds. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and played for Georgia Tech for one season. He played for the В NY Nets after college and has been with the Utah Jazz for one and a half years. This summer Favors trained with the US Olympic team, and hopes to be on the team in 2016. He has been playing basketball since he was five years old and has been in the NBA for two years.

When asked which team he would want to play for next he said, “I think I would want to play for the Lakers,” which got a boo from the audience!

He also said his favorite NBA player growing up was Kobe Bryant. Favors told the audience, “A couple things you can do to succeed is to work hard, stay in school and listen to your parents.”

The kids in attendance got the opportunity to do some drills and exercises with Favors. Five lucky kids even got to try to score against him.

Those in attendance were able to get photos with Favors and get his autograph.


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