Utah Receives Top Honors for Economic Outlook, COVID Response


By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

Utah Named State With Best Economic Outlook 

For the 15th year in a row, Utah ranked 1st in Rich States, Poor States for its economic outlook. We all should be proud of our fiscally conservative, forward-looking and business-friendly policies that have made Utah a great state to live, work and play!

Drought Update

As winter ends and a small spring runoff begins, Utah remains in drought. In April, Governor Cox declared a state of emergency due to the state’s unprecedented drought conditions. I join him in urging all Utahns to use water responsibly and to check with local water providers for potential water restrictions.

Interim Study Items 

The Legislative Management Committee met last month to consider and approve the 2022 Interim Committee study items. My colleagues and I will spend the next seven months studying and preparing legislation on these critical issues. le.utah.gov/interim/2022/pdf/00002115.pdf. The first meetings are scheduled for May 17 and 18.

Outdoor Recreation

The 2022 General Session included millions of dollars in funding for one-time and ongoing outdoor recreation projects and legislation that improves how Utah plans, preserves and prioritizes the outdoors. In addition to funding, the legislature passed bills prioritizing the sustainable administration of outdoor recreation. To read about long-term investments and upcoming outdoor recreation projects, go to business.utah.gov/news/2022-legislative-session-historic-outdoor-recreation-planning-and-investment/.

Utah COVID-19 Response

Utah ranked #1 in a new study on how all states’ responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study measures the economy, education and mortality. Read more about the study at business.utah.gov/news/2022-legislative-session-historic-outdoor-recreation-planning-and-investment/

American Governors’ Border Strike Force

Governor Cox partnered with 25 other Governors to form the American Governors’ Border Strike Force in response to the Biden Administration’s failures to control the southern border. The strike force will coordinate states’ efforts to combat drug trafficking and human smuggling, share intelligence, and more. Read the full statement at governor.utah.gov/2021/05/11/gov-cox-signs-a-joint-letter-to-president-biden-on-border-crisis/ 

April Audits

The Office of the Legislative Auditor General does critical work examining and evaluating taxpayer-funded programs and operations across the state. Listen to the latest podcast episode for an overview of audits covering higher education police departments, a budget review of the Weber School District, and teacher and principal performance within Utah’s public education system. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Summer Activities and Inflation

I will continue to appraise you of critical state issues. As our summer-time activities begin, please be safe and help one another with the needs they may have. Poor Federal policies have caused unnecessary general inflation in gas prices, groceries and just about everything. This has stretched everyone’s budgets. Increased fuel prices and high fertilizer costs have hit our farmers and ranchers hard, not to mention the continuing drought. May God bless our farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, coal miners, teachers, health care workers, and I could go on and on.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives in the Utah Legislature. It’s an honor to serve. Please contact me with any questions or concerns by calling or texting me at (435) 979-6578 or by email at carlalbrecht@le.utah.gov.

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