Utah Reports Unemployment Claims in Carbon, Emery Counties During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) has worked tirelessly in a number of ways to assist the community, including assisting those who have been laid off during the COVID-19 situation. The department is also striving to keep all informed on what is happening in Utah as the pandemic affects households, businesses and more.

One way the department is working to accomplish this is by reporting the unemployment claims information. The information is embargoed each week until the following Thursday. This is done through the U.S. Department of Labor.

For March 15 through 21, there were 85 new claims in Carbon County. That made up for .45% of new claims filed in Utah. For Emery County, 31 new claims were filed, which made up .16% of the Utah claims filed.

The following week, the new claims were released. In Carbon County, there was a total of 107 new claims, which made up .38% of Utah. Emery County saw 43 new claims, making up .15%.

During the most recent Facts and FAQ’s virtual session hosted by Utah’s Economic Task Force, Senator Mitt Romney reported that those that are applying for unemployment in Utah will begin receiving checks. For many, the check amounts might be more than their usual paychecks. Senator Romney urged business owners to see this from their employee’s perspective; his concern is that many will quit their jobs to obtain the unemployment.

One suggestion the senator had to combat this from happening is that business owners consider raising their employee’s wages to keep them in their line of work. While this is not always feasible, Romney encouraged the suggestion, hoping that as many people as possible can remain working at this time.

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