Utah State Parks and Recreation Hosts Annual Ice Fishing Tournament


First place, Chad Morris. Photo courtesy of Brent Stettler - DWR.

The Utah State Parks and Recreation hosted their annual ice fishing tournament at Scofield Reservoir on Saturday. The tournament took place between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. and attracted approximately 300 participants.

According to Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Conservation Outreach Manager Brent Stettler, fishing success was slow.

The top five winners each hooked rainbow trouts and were as follows:

1. Chad Morris – 13 5/8 inch rainbow trout.

2. Tyler Spencer – 13.5 inch rainbow trout

3. Anthony Vessels – 13.5 inch rainbow trout

4. Steve Carrol – 12 7/8 inch rainbow trout

5. Sam Bailey – 12 3/8 inch rainbow trout

A chub contest was also conducted during the tournament.. The top three winners reeled in the most chubs during the seven hour event and are as follows:

1. Matt Vasquez – 83

2. Riley Rust – 62

3. Doug Bradfield – 58

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