Utah State Parks Preliminary Proposal to Expand Goblin Valley State Park


On April 1, Fred Hayes, Director of Utah State Parks, and Tim Smith, Southern Regional Director of Utah State Parks, attended the Emery County Public Lands Council to discuss a preliminary proposal for the possible expansion of Goblin Valley.

The governor’s office contacted Hayes to inquire, in the event that a land bill by representative Rob Bishops passed, if they had any thoughts on an area that they would like to add a new state park or expand a state park.

Hayes called the senior staff together and asked them to come up with ideas. The San Rafael Swell was at the top of everyone’s list.

The preliminary proposal for the expansion is to extend Goblin Valley into the Temple Mountain area, behind the Reef and Little Wild Horse Canyon.

Hayes and Smiths proposal is to extend new roads out, provide camping locations, restroom facilities and add picnic tables. People are attracted to scenery and any added amenities would provide a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

All proceeds earned at the park would be used at the facility.

Currently, the expansion proposal is still preliminary.

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