Utah Teens Invited to Enter Lights, Camera, Save! Video Contest


Competition encourages teens to use video to communicate the value of saving money

Press Release

Zions Bank is accepting submissions for the Lights, Camera, Save! video contest. Organized by the American Bankers Association Foundation, the national competition encourages teens to use video to communicate the value of saving money and inspire their peers to become lifelong savers.

To participate in the contest, students ages 13-18 may create a video, no longer than 30 seconds, on saving and using money wisely and submit a link to the video along with a completed entry form to Zions Bank by March 31.

Zions Bank will host the first round of judging and select one winner from Utah and one winner from Idaho. The winner from each state will receive $500 from Zions Bank and advance to compete on the national level for a prize up to $5,000. Videos will be judged on their quality, message, content and the criteria set forth by the contest’s official rules.

Following are some general guidelines:

  • Visit lightscamerasave.com to read the official contest rules and view winning videos from last year’s contest.
  • Limit your video’s length to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Make sure all the work is yours. Don’t use copyrighted material, including music, movies and books.
  • Get the permission of other people, including classmates and friends, featured in your video.
  • Keep brand logos and labels out of your video. Remove clothing labels, sports teams, car emblems, store logos and all other identifiers from your video.
  • Videos can be about any personal finance topic, from savings to budgeting to paying for college.

More information is available at LightsCameraSave.com and an entry packet may be downloaded at www.zionsbank.com/LightsCameraSave. Contact Kallee Feuz for more information at kallee.feuz@zionsbank.com. Completed entries are due March 31, 2022.

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