Utah Tops the Charts for Statewide Decline in Smoking Throughout the U.S.


A recent study was conducted by Insurify, which has analysts that study the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s BRFSS Survey Data. This particular data pertained to the statewide fluctuations in smoking rates. Out of the top ten states with decreases, Utah topped off the rankings at number one.

Utah saw the greatest decrease in smoking in the nation over the past decade. Within the past ten years, the state’s portion of smokers compared to the rest of the population shrank at an impressive rate of 68% greater than that of the national average between 2011 and 2018.

Average annual cigarette sales in Utah came to a total of $99,401,189. The relative change is cessation attempts amongst smokers, with attempts to quit increasing, came in at 3.11%.

It was stated that, unlike many of the other states, Utah’s attempts to quit smoking increased over the same time period of the smoking population shrinking. Additionally, the report stated that cigarette sales in Utah fell 71% below the nationwide mean.

Furthermore, according to the American Lung Association, Utah invests $5.03 per smoker with its state-run quit line. That is a full 57% greater than the national average of $2.21. In comparison, Nevada came in at number ten. Its reduction eclipsed the national average to 49%.


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