Utah Voters Weigh in on Multiple Propositions and Amendments


While filling out the General Election Ballot on Nov. 6, Utah citizens were faced with many decisions to either be in favor of or against.

One of the most debated and discussed, Proposition 2, was the Medical Marijuana Initiative. This initiative meant that medical use of marijuana would be legalized for people with qualifying illnesses. There were 760,862 votes on the issue, with 404,427 in favor and 356,435 against.

Proposition 3 (Medical Expansion) ensured that Medicaid would be expanded to include people younger than 65 with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty line. The state sales tax would be increased to 4.85 percent from 4.7 percent to finance the expansion. Total, 747,466 weighed in on this issue; 404,210 were in favor of the proposition and 343,256 were against.

Proposition 4 was regarding redistricting commission. This proposition meant that a seven-member independent redistricting commission would be created to draft maps for congressional and state legislative districts. Ultimately, 368,248 voters were in favor and 364,201 were against for a total of 732,449 voters.

The Constitutional Amendment B regarding tax exemption for local government-leased property had 72.4% of voters against while Nonbinding Opinion Question 1 regarding a gas tax increase for education and roads saw 66.1% of voters in opposition.

The Constitutional Amendment A for active military property tax exemption saw 78.4% of voters in favor. The Constitutional Amendment C regarding changes related to special legislative sessions had 63.4% of voters in favor. A full list of Utah Election Results may be viewed by clicking here.

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