UtahAmerican Energy Denies Possible Sale of Local Coal Mines


During several meetings Tuesday morning with employees of UtahAmerican Energy, company owner Robert E. Murray announced that his mining operations in Utah are sound and viable and will not trade hands.

According to Gary M. Broadbent, assistant general counsel and media director for Murray Energy Corporation, Murray met with management and the entire workforce of West Ridge and Lila Canyon mines for several hours on Tuesday.

“He discussed employee safety, what all employees must do to be competitive in the rapidly declining coal market place as a result of actions of the Obama Administration and the use of natural gas and the future of West Ridge and Lila Canyon mines,” Broadbent explained. “Mr. Murray also announced that UtahAmerican Energy Inc. will not be sold.”

With the recent closure announcement of Huntington’s Deer Creek Mine, rumors have circulated throughout Carbon and Emery counties about the possibility of UtahAmerican Energy mines changing hands. According to company officials, these speculations are false. Murray remains committed to the local area and the mining industry.



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