Utah’s Peregrine Pair Hatches Four Baby Falcons


Four white, fluffy peregrine falcon eyases (newly born falcons) are enjoying their first days of life in a nest box on the northeast corner of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

The building is just west of State Street, between South Temple and North Temple streets. Bob Walters is excited that Salt Lake City’s famous falcon pair successfully hatched four chicks this year. “I’m way pleased that the famous falcon pair are proud parents once again,” says Walters, Watchable Wildlife coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

Walters says the newly born falcons are doing well. “All four young-of-the-year are thriving,” he says. “They’re on target to start their flight training before mid July.”

Watch the falcons on your computer

You can follow the antics of the falcon family on your computer screen by logging onto www.wildlife.utah.gov/peregrine.

Walters says officials with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have placed two cameras and some microphones in the nest box. “Turn the volume up on your computer,” he says. “Falcons are quite vocal — even noisy — especially when it’s time to eat.”

One of the two cameras in the nest box gives a “long view” of the interior of the box. “The second camera focuses on the nest scrape where the chicks — and their mom and dad — are spending most of their time,” he says.

Walters says in a short time, the young falcons will be all over the nest box, flapping and exercising their wings as they prepare for their first flights.

See the falcons, volunteer to help

Walters has tentatively scheduled a downtown field trip on June 28 to watch the falcons. During the trip, he’ll also explain what’s required to serve as a volunteer member of his Peregrine Falcon Rescue Team.

(This volunteer team works to save the lives of the young birds as they make their first flights among the buildings and pavement of downtown Salt Lake City.)

If you’re interested in attending the June 28 field trip, or volunteering to serve as part of the team, call Walters at (801)209-5326.

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