Utterly Fantastic Meet Honors the Late LaRae Majors


In memory of LaRae Majors, Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team (PT3) traveled to Huntington for the Utterly Fantastic Meet.

During this meet, Trey Heikkila earned three first-place finishes. Thoryn Keil took first, first and second while Benjamin Axelgard, Indie Pikyavit and Charlie Higgs earned the same. Tylee Jensen earned first, second and second, Perri Mitchel received first, third and third, and Ellie Reefshneider took first, third and fourth.

First, third and sixth went to Audacee Eden and Reagan Needles while Isabelle Chastin and Jaydexx D’Ambrosio received three second-place finishes each. Similarly, both Berlynn Axelgard and Luxx D’Ambrosio earned second, second and third places.

Cierra Cartwright earned second, second and fourth, and Gabby Parker received second, third and third. MacKenna Payton took second, third and fourth while Reign Denny earned second, third and seventh. Finally, third, third and fourth went to Ayslynn Denny, third, third and seventh to Zoey Cartwright, and third, fourth and fourth to Ireland Keil.

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