UTVs Fill the City of Green River


By Robin Hunt

Over the weekend, hotel parking lots, gas stations and roads were filled with UTVs for the UTV Utah Watermelon Crawl. Machines traveled from throughout the state to ride trails in and around Green River. 

“We are so happy to see the UTV group having such a great time in Green River. Hope they enjoy all of the trails,” said Michele Corrigan, a local business owner. “Shady Acres is happy to offer all we have, a convenience store, gas, camping and car wash, to the UTV group. Thanks for supporting our local family business.” 

This year’s ride included Kevin Mortenson from the “At Your Leisure” television series. “At Your Leisure” (AYL) is a family-oriented outdoor recreation and travel show focused on the western United States. AYL will be highlighting three of Green River’s trails and the city itself in four different segments of the show. 

“Green River is perfectly situated to serve the entire nation as the gateway to the San Rafael Swell,” said Kevin Mortenson. “As the beauty of the region continues to be discovered, we believe this town will reap the benefits. Green River will shortly be known as a premier adventure base. It has been an honor to use our microphone to help tell this story.”

Cody Webster, a local resident and guide for GT Outfitters, is an outdoor enthusiast. Webster has planned and promoted this event with goals of bringing revenue to the local business owners of Green River and helping others experience local trails. Working closely with the City of Green River and Emery County, Webster successfully met his goals despite the cooler weather and rainy skies. 

A Local Band played at the John Wesley Powell Museum on Saturday evening for event participants followed by the Straight Canyon Band. Listeners huddled around a fire in the steady rainfall while the bands played. 

This event aims to be an annual one for Green River, and one to look forward to for years to come. 

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