Vandals Haunt Sunnyside City Cemetery


Unknown vandals broke a 97-year-old headstone in the Sunnyside City Cemetery, and Sunnyside City Councilmen expressed great concern over the matter at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Councilmen decided to search City ordinances about the legality of closing the cemetery after dark in hopes of preventing further vandalism.

Such an ordinance would allow police officers to write citations and warnings at the cemetery while patrolling.


  • Councilman Shari Madrid motioned to disallow payment for spouses to accompany councilmen to the League of Cities and Town Convention. Madrid said using taxpayer money for spouse travel would be inappropriate. The motion passed four votes to one.
  • Councilmen approved the hiring of Jesse Pantelakis as an ambulance driver.
  • Councilmen updated the City Utility Bill with dates of usage.
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