View Strutting Sage Grouse Near Price, April 5


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

The “bloop, bloop” sound that male sage-grouse make, as they strut on their breeding grounds, is one of the most unique sounds heard in nature. The sight of the grouse strutting is pretty unique too.

Come hear and watch this ritual at a free wildlife-viewing event sponsored by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The viewing will take place on April 5 at Emma Park, about 13 miles north of Price.

To see and hear the spectacle, be at the viewing site early. Viewing is best before the sun comes up and just after the sun has risen. Grouse leave their strutting ground within an hour after sun‑up.

Biologists will be at the viewing site with spotting scopes and binoculars. “We will help find the grouse,” says DWR Regional Conservation Outreach Manager Brent Stettler. “We will also answer any questions.”

Before making the trip, please remember that several things can force the grouse to leave the viewing site early or to not visit the site at all. For example, eagles or coyotes near the site can scare the grouse away. Wind, rain or snow can also keep the grouse under cover and out of sight.

After the birds leave their breeding ground, the grouse spend the day feeding and resting in stands of sagebrush. They remain mostly out-of-sight until the following morning at first light, when they congregate at their strutting ground again.

Directions to Emma Park:

From the Wasatch Front, travel east on U.S. Highway 6 from Spanish Fork. At the top of Price Canyon, look for the Emma Park sign, and turn left onto Emma Park Road. Travel east until the viewing site is reached. DWR vehicles will be parked at the event site.

To get to Emma Park from Price, travel north on U.S. Highway 6 to the Castle Gate power plant. Turn right onto U.S. Highway 191, and travel northeast about six miles to a fork in the road. Turn left onto the Emma Park Road, and travel west to the viewing site where DWR vehicles will be parked.

For more information about the April 5 event, call Stettler at (435) 613-3707 or (435) 636-6731.

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