Virtual Meeting Hosted for New Multi-Purpose Building for SEUALG


The Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments (SEUALG) began the week with a virtual public hearing on Monday morning. The purpose of this public hearing was to give the community an opportunity to voice questions and concerns on the possibility of a new building for SEUALG.

The proposed building would be located on Fairgrounds Road in Price near the Carbon County Senior Center and Events Center. This building would serve as an administration building, food bank, weatherization assistance program warehouse and future transit hub.

Time was taken at the beginning of the virtual meeting to allow others to join and voice their questions. During this time, Russell Seeley joined and stated that he was curious about the overall project.

For the transit hub portion, it was explained that SEUALG is attempting to implement transit in the four regions and is partnering with other agencies to strengthen what they have already.

The location of the food bank right now would be used to grow the Business Technical Assistance Center, also known as the BTAC. It was also explained that the land that the new building would be located on is owned by the county.

The money for this project would come in the form of a grant through the Permanent Community Impact Board (CIB) in the amount of $7.5 million. Members will be attending the CIB meeting on Dec. 10 to request funding and seek approval, though it was stressed that approval still has to occur before anything can move forward.

It was then explained that, some time ago, there was large infrastructure funding set aside by the CIB when there was a large surplus in revenues. The intent of this funding was to create large infrastructure projects and this is where the funds will be requested from.

Following the questions and answers, the public hearing was closed.

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