Vocational Rehabilitation Still Assisting Local Area Despite Order of Selection System


Federal regulations have put the order of selection system in place for Vocational Rehabilitation entities throughout the state of Utah. Despite the new guidelines, the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation office in Price is still assisting those with disabilities receive on-the-job training, employment and career opportunities.

Representatives from Voc. Rehab took some time to explain the entity’s work in the community to members of the Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) group on Thursday despite federal regulations. Ben Baldonado, a counselor at Voc. Rehab, explained the order of selection system to members of BEAR. The system essentially ensures that Voc. Rehab continues to operate its program even when staff or financial resources are not sufficient to serve everyone eligible to receive services. Wait lists are then established by priority category under the order of selection structure.

While wait lists are currently in place throughout the state of Utah, Baldonado explained that Voc. Rehab is still providing its usual services. The entity aims to assist those with disabilities, including physical, mental or leaning, to receive the tools necessary to become successful in the workforce. Those with drug and/or alcohol dependency may also receive assistance.

“Every experience is unique,” Baldonado said. “We don’t get you to where you want to be, we give you the steps to get there on your own.”

Dorothy Carter, an employment specialist at Voc. Rehab, assists clients to receive on-the-job training and possible permanent placement at a job. Employers that provide training for clients may also be eligible to receive payment for training costs when hiring a qualified employee with disabilities.

“It’s a very gratifying job,” Carter explained. “You can take people that have lost their hopes and their dreams and you can help them achieve what they never thought they would do.”

For more information about Vocational Rehabilitation, contact the Price office at (435) 636-2820.

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