Voice Your Opinion About the Clean the Air Carbon Tax Act Initiative


There will be a public hearing for the proposed Clean the Air Carbon Tax Act Initiative on May 7 in Price. This initiative petition proposes the creation of a new carbon tax.

Hosted in the Alumni Room of the USU Eastern Student Center (400 East 451 North, Price), the hearing will begin at 2 p.m. Members of the community are invited to attend and voice their opinion.

H.B. 304 was is being sponsored by Representative Joel Briscoe from Salt Lake City. The initiative will appear on the ballot for the 2020 election to enact the carbon tax and provide funding for clean air initiatives. Reportedly, the tax act would impose a tax on fossil fuels with 20% of the money garnered from the tax being used to benefit air quality initiatives and promote rural economic development. In turn, the remaining 80% would go toward reducing existing taxes in the state with a proposal to eliminate the state sales tax on grocery store food.

To learn more on the proposed initiative, please click here. 

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